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Jerry specializes in representing professionals, including physicians, attorneys, accountants, professional athletes, officers and directors of corporations, and business people, against allegations of mail fraud, wire fraud, RICO, tax fraud, securities fraud, health care fraud, government contract fraud, antitrust and mortgage fraud.
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When you are looking for an attorney to represent you on potential or actual criminal charges, the most important question you must ask the attorney is, “ what criminal trials have you won?” It is critical that your attorney has the ability to convince jurors.
Jerome J. Froelich Jr., known as “Jerry”, is a successful trial attorney who specializes in criminal and civil trials and appeals. When you ask Jerry the question of what cases have you won, you see that in both the criminal and civil trials he has one of the most impressive records in the United States.
Atlanta Magazine annually names Jerry "one of the top criminal defense attorneys" in Georgia and has referred to him as “The Defense Genius”. For the last fifteen years Jerry has also been honored as one of the best criminal defense attorneys in America. Martindale Hubell has given Jerry its highest rating.

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Success Stories

In May 2014, Jerry acquitted the former University of Georgia head football coach Jim Donnan in the United States District Court in Athens, Georgia. Coach Donnan was charged with 41 federal felonies for his alleged involvement in a 82 million dollar Ponzi scheme. It was the first not guilty verdict in that court in ten years.

Jerry won the acquittal of all charges, including felony murder, of his client in State of Georgia v. Ra Wu. Jerry won the acquittal of former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell on federal RICO and bribery charges.

In United States v. Mac Wilbon, et al., Jerry represented a prominent Atlanta businessman accused in federal court of conspiring with four co-defendants to pay $2 million dollars in bribes to the Commissioner of the Atlanta Airport. Jerry’s client was acquitted of all 133 counts.

In 2011 Jerry won two cases in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, United States v. Kotttwitz et al., a tax fraud case, and United States v. Les Rector, et al., the largest mortgage fraud case brought in the Northern District of Georgia.

In 2009 Jerry convinced the United States Attorney’s office in Mississippi to dismiss an indictment against his client, which indictment alleged the bribery of the governor and a $40 million fraud. In exchange, Jerry’s client entered a plea to a false statement charge and received a 15 month sentence.

Jerry successfully represented a vice president of an international construction company against allegations of bribery and government contract fraud.

In 2010, Jerry convinced prosecutors not to charge doctors he represented in two separate health care fraud investigations.

Jerry convinced prosecutors not to indict an executive of a nonprofit organization who was the target of federal investigation concerning mail and wire fraud allegations.

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