Government Contract Procurement Fraud Lawyer

Defending Clients Around the World Against Allegations of Government Procurement Fraud 

Every year, the federal government purchases countless items from countless suppliers. The federal government is focusing its efforts on making certain that suppliers comply with the terms of their contracts. When the federal government claims that a supplier has not lived up to the terms of its agreement, it may bring civil and even criminal allegations under the False Claims Act.

In addition to the civil and criminal penalties, your company could be barred from conducting further business with the federal government. In these situations, you need a lawyer who will act decisively on your behalf.  Atlanta government contract procurement fraud attorney Jerome “Jerry” Froelich Jr. has represented clients in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, France and Germany against False Claims Act allegations. In 2011, Jerry successfully represented a vice president of an international construction company against allegations of bribery and government contract fraud. In all cases, Jerry will work tirelessly to limit the damage associated with these charges.

Government fraud allegations can involve any number of activities, including:

  • Providing nonconforming or defective products to the government
  • Price fixing
  • Bid fixing
  • Failing to deliver products as agreed upon in the contract

As a Knoxville defense procurement fraud attorney, Jerry understands that many False Claims Act charges arise out of allegations of defense contract fraud. These allegations can be brought by any government agency, however. Whatever your case involves, he will be prepared to make a strong claim on your behalf.

Jerry also represents people who “blow the whistle” on companies that have defrauded the United States government in qui tam cases. Jerry’s experience on both sides of this issue provides tangible benefits to his clients.

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