White Collar Crimes Lawyer Jerry Froelich

A Detail-Oriented, Personal Approach to Criminal Litigation

Almost every criminal defense lawyer can identify and account for the primary issues in a case. Cases are not always won or lost based on the obvious issues, however. In fact, many cases hinge on the smallest of details. Atlanta white collar crimes attorney Jerome “Jerry” Froelich Jr. represents clients throughout Georgia and nationally. Jerry goes well beyond the main issues of a case and will take the time to find the details that will make a difference.

In many cases, subtle details are later found to be critical. These details can damage a government witness’s credibility or enhance a defense witness’s credibility. These details can show weaknesses in part or all of the government’s cases. Each detail, when taken by itself, may not lead to an acquittal. When taken together, however, these details can lead a jury to conclude that the government has not met its burden of proof.

In order to provide clients with the single-minded focus they need, Jerry limits the number of cases he takes at a given time. Jerry’s clients benefit from this approach in many ways. First, Jerry gets to know each of his clients on a personal level. The more Jerry knows about his clients, the more he can do to present the strongest possible defense.

An Unrivaled Reputation for Success in Complex Criminal Cases 

Jerry is known by judges, prosecutors, and colleagues for observing the highest ethical standards while providing aggressive representation. His record of results in more than 100 jury trials stands as a testament to this approach. Of course, Jerry has also successfully resolved many cases in pretrial litigation or negotiation. In many cases, he will convince prosecutors that the evidence does not support an indictment.

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