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While every criminal allegation is a serious matter, federal criminal charges are on an entirely different level. Federal law enforcement agents and prosecutors have seemingly unlimited resources to investigate allegations of wrongdoing. Further, mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines give federal prosecutors an inordinate amount of leverage. If you are the subject of an investigation, or if you have already been charged with a crime, it is critical that your lawyer will be able to present the strongest possible defense to these allegations.

For more than 30 years, Atlanta federal criminal defense attorney Jerome “Jerry” Froelich Jr. has devoted his practice to defending people facing serious criminal accusations. Although based in Georgia, the scope of his practice is truly national, as Jerry has appeared in courtrooms in 30 states. Jerry defends people facing every type of federal white collar crime, including:

  • Fraud crimes: Jerry has the skill and experience to make a successful defense against all types of federal fraud charges.
  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud: Jerry has a record of success representing doctors and other medical professionals accused of Medicare or Medicaid fraud.
  • Government contract procurement fraud: Jerry represents people across the United States and the world accused of defrauding the U.S. government.
  • Federal tax evasion: If you have reason to believe the IRS is looking into you or your business, contact Jerry immediately.
  • Money laundering and embezzlement: Money laundering charges, whether brought on their own or alongside other charges, demand serious representation.
  • RICO defense: As a Charleston RICO and money laundering defense attorney, Jerry defends clients across the Southeast United States and beyond.
  • SEC investigations/insider trading: If you are in the crosshairs of an SEC investigation, Jerry can work diligently to convince the SEC that further investigation is not warranted.
  • Securities fraud/stock manipulation: Securities fraud allegations can cause irreparable damage to your career. Jerry can present a proactive, aggressive defense.
  • Trade secret violations: Jerry will put forth a powerful defense on behalf of people accused of industrial espionage or stealing intellectual property.

Generally speaking, the earlier Jerry is involved in your case, the more he will be able to do in your defense. Jerry routinely advises and counsels clients during the grand jury investigation process. In addition to Jerry’s white collar defense practice, he represents individuals facing state or federal drug crimes, federal child pornography charges, and a host of other serious charges.

A Strong Advocate in Federal Appellate Courts

Jerry has argued more than 30 appeals to state and federal courts across the United States. In 2011 alone, Jerry won two cases before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. If you wish to appeal an adverse decision, Jerry is prepared to provide strategic, detail-oriented representation.

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