Federal Grand Jury Investigations Lawyer

Achieving Successful Results Before Criminal Charges Are Filed

While the federal government has immense powers to investigate and prosecute allegations of wrongdoing, it typically works in a very deliberate fashion. Law enforcement agents may spend months or longer gathering evidence. Further, the federal government must seek an indictment before a grand jury before bringing charges.

If you are involved in a federal grand jury investigation, there is still time to be proactive. If you, a friend or other person you know is being interviewed by the government, or if you have already received a subpoena, hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Atlanta federal grand jury investigations attorney Jerome “Jerry” Froelich Jr. is known across Georgia, the Southeast and the United States for his skill and tenacity in defending clients under investigation for federal crimes. Jerry’s primary goal is to prevent the federal government from bringing charges against his client. He often accomplish this goal by showing the prosecution that they do not have sufficient evidence to convict his client of any charges. Even if an indictment appears likely, Jerry will preserve and protect your rights for later proceedings.

Recent examples of Jerry’s work in grand jury investigations include the following:

  • In 2010, Jerry convinced prosecutors not to charge doctors in two separate health care fraud investigations.
  • Jerry recently defended the Chairman of the Board of the Cobb Electric Company in a fraud investigation. Through his efforts, the prosecution ultimately decided against indicting his client.
  • Jerry recently convinced prosecutors not to indict an executive of a nonprofit organization who was being investigated on several mail and fraud allegations.

Offering Strategic Representation for Clients Facing Grand Jury Investigations

Jerry Froelich is a former federal prosecutor who has practiced criminal defense since 1980. With extensive experience as both a prosecutor and defense lawyer, he has a sound understanding of the various ways to protect his clients’ rights. For the last fifteen years Jerry has also been honored as one of the best criminal defense attorneys in America. In grand jury investigations, he generally keeps in close contact with prosecutors to discuss the strength of the evidence.

As a Georgia federal criminal investigations attorney serving clients across the Southeast and beyond, Jerry cannot appear with you or be in the same room with you while you are testifying before the grand jury. You can, however, leave the room to ask him questions. Jerry will also prepare you beforehand on what types of questions you can expect to hear.

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