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Offering a Tough Defense to All Kinds of Investment Fraud Charges

In the wake of the stock market crashes some years ago, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken substantial measures to investigate individuals and companies suspected of manipulating the stock market. Stock manipulation charges tend to involve allegations of artificially inflating the value of a stock, purchasing significant numbers of shares, and then selling the stock in vast quantities. Such schemes are often referred to as “pump and dump” schemes.

If you are under investigation for any type of securities fraud, or if you already face charges, it is crucial that your criminal defense lawyer who will challenge the government’s case at every opportunity.

Atlanta securities fraud attorney Jerome “Jerry” Froelich Jr. has protected the rights of individuals across the United States facing significant criminal allegations for more than 30 years. Much of Jerry’s work involves defending clients against white collar criminal charges, including securities fraud.

Forcing the Federal Government to Prove Every Element of Its Case 

In any criminal charge, the government must prove every element of its case beyond a reasonable doubt. In stock manipulation and securities fraud cases, the government must typically prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant intended to use false information to artificially inflate the value of a stock and then sell the stock. In many cases, the government’s evidence simply cannot prove that the defendant acted with the requisite intent. In fact, it is not uncommon for individuals to rely on information from seemingly credible sources. In such a case, the government will not be able to meet its burden of proof. Jerry will look closely at all facts of your case and work tirelessly to accomplish the best possible resolution.

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