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Every year, increasing numbers of Americans rely on Medicare or Medicaid to meet their health care needs. As the money spent on these programs increases, so do efforts to investigate allegations of Medicaid or Medicare fraud. Consequently, increasing numbers of people are prosecuted on allegations of Medicare or Medicaid fraud. If you have been caught up in such a situation, it is critical that your lawyer can aggressively defend you against these allegations.

Atlanta Medicaid fraud attorney Jerome “Jerry” Froelich Jr. has defended individuals and businesses across the United States against serious criminal allegations since 1980. Doctors, chiropractors and other medical professionals are often the target of Medicare or Medicaid fraud investigations. Jerry have represented numerous medical professionals over his career and understands the unique issues involved in these types of cases.

In one of Jerry’s more recent health care fraud cases, he was able to convince prosecutors not to bring charges against two physicians under investigation for health care fraud. In every case, the ideal outcome is to prevent charges from ever being filed. Of course, when an indictment cannot be avoided, Jerry will be ready to challenge the prosecution at every opportunity.

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Medicare or Medicaid fraud allegations usually involve allegations of overbilling or billing for procedures that did not happen. Jerry will undertake an exhaustive review of the evidence in order to see if the government’s evidence proves what it claims to prove. Oftentimes, there is evidence to suggest that any alleged overbilling was the result of a mistake and not the result of an intent to defraud the government. In other cases, the government witnesses may lack credibility for one reason or another. Whatever the specific facts of your case entail, Jerry will leverage his extensive experience and skill to help you achieve the best available outcome under the circumstances.

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