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Providing a Proactive Defense to Civil and Criminal Securities Investigations

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is responsible for regulating and enforcing various federal laws governing the stock exchange. The SEC expends significant resources  investigating allegations of insider trading and other forms of securities fraud. More and more often, the SEC works in tandem with the Department of Justice to investigate claims of impropriety in parallel criminal proceedings.

If you are under investigation by the SEC, it is critical that you have an experienced lawyer on your side as soon as possible. At minimum, an SEC investigation can create significant professional problems. At worst, an SEC investigation could lead to criminal charges. Atlanta SEC investigations attorney Jerome “Jerry” Froelich Jr. defends individuals and corporations across Georgia, the Southeast and the United States against alleged violations of securities laws.

The SEC and DOJ investigate all types of actions, including:

  • Insider trading
  • Making misstatements or material omissions in SEC disclosures
  • Stock manipulation schemes (also called “pump and dump” schemes)
  • Ponzi schemes

The sooner Jerry is involved, the more likely he will be able to show SEC investigators that an indictment is not appropriate based on the facts of your case.

Georgia Insider Trading Attorney Taking Action in Complex Cases

Securities cases are often extraordinarily complicated. Your lawyer must have the ability and the willpower to review and interpret hundreds or even thousands of documents. Jerry has practiced criminal defense lawyer since 1980. In that time, he have defended countless individuals against serious white collar crime charges. He knows how to evaluate each piece of evidence and understand where it fits in the larger picture. His detail-oriented, aggressive approach to practicing law has helped many clients avoid charges altogether.

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