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Presenting a Powerful Defense to Federal Fraud Charges Across the United States

Fraud is one of the most common federal white collar charges. If you face fraud charges, or if you have reason to believe that you are under investigation for fraud, it is imperative to have a skilled defense lawyer on your side. Georgia federal fraud crimes attorney Jerome “Jerry” Froelich Jr. has successfully defended numerous individuals and businesses against a wide variety of fraud charges in both the trial and appellate levels. While based in Atlanta, Jerry defends clients across Georgia, the Southeast and nationally. Federal charges can involve any number of allegations, including:

Early Intervention Can Be the Key to Success in a Fraud Case

When Jerry is involved in a case early on in the process, he will be more likely to convince prosecutors not to indict his clients. The following cases are examples of helping clients under investigation for fraud avoid indictment altogether.

  • Jerry persuaded prosecutors not to indict his client, the Chairman of the Board of the Cobb Electric Company, in a fraud investigation.
  • Jerry convinced prosecutors not to indict an executive of a nonprofit organization who was being investigated on several mail and fraud allegations.

Jerry will examine each piece of evidence and ask how this evidence could help your defense, and how it could harm your case. In the investigation stage of a case, Jerry will look at the facts as objectively as possible in order to anticipate the government’s strategies and overcome any potential obstacles. For decades, Jerry’s aggressive, detail-oriented approach has helped many people achieve successful outcomes to serious criminal allegations.

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