Money Laundering Defense Lawyer

Taking Decisive Action in Money Laundering and Embezzlement Charges

The federal government increasingly includes money laundering charges along with other white collar crimes or drug charges. The penalties for money laundering are severe. If you under investigation by federal authorities or if you have already been charged with money laundering, you need exceptional legal representation.

Atlanta money laundering defense attorney Jerome “Jerry” Froelich Jr. is known across Georgia and the United States for his tough, effective approach to defending individuals facing white collar crimes. Jerry has defended numerous clients facing money laundering charges, including:

  • In November 1998, Jerry convinced the United States Attorney in Miami to dismiss a 22-count money laundering indictment against his client, an officer of a major corporation.
  • Jerry defended the Banco de Occidente, a Colombian bank indicted for laundering $1.2 billion dollars in drug money.

Jerry will spare no effort to defend you against money laundering and other charges. He also defends people against charges of structuring transactions to evade IRS reporting requirements. Individuals who receive more than $10,000 in one transaction, or two or more related transactions must report these transactions to the IRS. Typically, these allegations involve individuals or businesses making numerous deposits of slightly less than $10,000 to avoid these requirements.

Forming a Powerful Defense for People Charged With Embezzlement

Embezzlement charges, in addition to bringing on potentially severe criminal sanctions, can cause immeasurable damage to a person’s reputation. Your lawyer must be able to make a strong defense on every front. As a Georgia embezzlement attorney, Jerry defend clients across the Southeast United States and beyond. He will look closely at every detail to find the weaknesses in the government’s case and will work diligently to secure a favorable outcome.

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