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Government agencies at the federal and state levels spend untold billions investigating and prosecuting individuals accused of manufacturing, importing, selling and using illegal drugs. In the Southeast United States in particular, the DEA and other law enforcement agencies are scrutinizing doctors, pharmacists and others accused of illegally selling oxycodone, also known by the name of Oxycontin. Drug charges are exceedingly serious. A conviction to certain charges can lead to a substantial prison sentence and other penalties. If you or a loved one is under investigation or has been charged with drug smuggling, importation or distribution, it is important to have an experienced, aggressive attorney working for you.

Atlanta federal drug charges attorney Jerome “Jerry” Froelich Jr. defend individuals across the United States against serious drug charges.

An Extensive Track Record of Success in Trial

Every criminal defense lawyer must be able to negotiate skillfully with prosecutors. With that said, it is absolutely critical that your lawyer can make a strong impression before a judge and jury. When prosecutors know that their opposition is ready and able to make a credible case in trial, they are more likely to offer reasonable plea agreements. As a Knoxville international drug trafficking attorney, Jerry has tried more than 100 jury trials in courtrooms across the nation. The cases below are but some of his results in drug cases.

  • In United States v. Willis, the jury acquitted Jerry’s client on some charges and was unable to reach a verdict on the remaining charges. These charges stemmed from 800 pounds of cocaine found in a vehicle in his client’s driveway.
  • In State of Georgia v. Curry, Jerry obtained an acquittal for his client who was charged with possession of five kilograms of cocaine found in the trunk of his automobile.

In every case, Jerry will scour the evidence for any information that could help you. If your case does go to trial, you can be confident knowing that he will have mastered the factual and legal issues involved in your case. If the police violated your rights while gathering evidence in your case, Jerry will ask the court to suppress this evidence and dismiss the charges. He will devote all of his efforts to help you obtain the best available outcome to these charges.

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