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Prosecuting and Defending Qui Tam Actions Across the United States

The federal government is defrauded by countless companies every single day. This fraud totals billions of dollars every year. As an incentive to cut down on fraud, the federal government has enacted rules that reward whistleblowers, or relators, with a percentage of the money the government recovers in a successful lawsuit. These cases are known as “qui tam” lawsuits. If you have observed fraudulent actions by a company and want to report this fraud to the government, a lawyer can be critical in helping you through the legal process.

Atlanta whistleblower/qui tam attorney Jerome “Jerry” Froelich Jr.  has substantial experience representing relators in qui tam actions nationally. Jerry currently represents a relator in a qui tam case involving a billion-dollar judgment. The United States Attorneys’ Office has recently agreed to prosecute this case.

Comprehensive Experience in Qui Tam Litigation

In addition to representing relators, Jerry also defends companies and individuals accused of violating the False Claims Act or committing other types of government contract fraud. His experience in both sides of these cases allows him to look objectively at both the strengths and potential weaknesses in a case. Further, Jerry was a federal prosecutor in Georgia prior to devoting his practice to criminal defense and civil litigation in 1980.

Whatever side of the case you are on, Jerry will look closely at each piece of evidence to see how this evidence can either support your case or potentially harm your case. He will work tirelessly to help you accomplish your desired result.

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